Byron Stander, Anti-Bully man

Stop it. Be nice. Use your mind, and be kind.

Dr. Ken Lyon is an educator and a ventriloquist who performs with his puppet companion Byron Stander to stop bullying.


Stop it. be nice.

Use your mind and be kind.


Dr. Ken Lyon - Ventriloquist.  Classroom, School, PTSA, and Library performances and assemblies. Retirement Community, Club, and Corporate presentations. Anti-bullying workshops. Byron and Dr. Lyon will adapt and customize for any situation and venue.

Dr. Lyon has been an educator for 45 years, including fifteen years as a principal and three years as an Anti-Bullying Compliance Officer. He has trained students and staff about bullying prevention and intervention to raise awareness about the harmful effects of bullying and to help schools establish cultures that are more compassionate, communicative, and understanding of student differences. Byron Stander, a modern Super Hero, encourages bystanders to take action to stop bullying once and for all.